Enabling Effectiveness: Facilitating Collaboration and Capability

September 9, 2010

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Competent facilitators have a critical role to play in tapping into and harnessing the collectively held knowledge, capability, solutions and innovation in organisations.   Whole Systems Facilitation helps boost the capacity of the collective for change, learning and delivering results.


Our goal is to prepare you to plan and lead powerful conversations and group processes in your organisation and/or  for your clients.

Participate with us in a highly interactive and powerful learning experience, through which you will:

  • Strengthen your ability to connect with others;
  • Live into being an incredible facilitator;
  • Design and facilitate large and/or complex whole systems events;
  • Develop your skills for active listening;
  • Understand the science of whole systems facilitation and collaboration;
  • Learn meaningful, powerful techniques for accelerating engagement and results.

A Recipe for Successful Facilitation
An examination of the key factors that contribute to effective facilitation in a systems-context.

The value of facilitation will be explored as well as its contribution to generating broader team effectiveness beyond the workshop or meeting.
Understanding Creativity Styles
Using an Creative and Problem-Solving styles assessment, we develop a deeper understanding of our own and others creative and problem-solving styles.  In this way we create awareness of how we could be designing group processes more effectively, as well as how we could involve participants in ways that enable them to feel engaged and interested.

Group Dynamics
Group dynamics and motivations can vary on many levels, and participants will learn how to guide the group to a level of cohesion quickly so that participants engage with shared objectives and solutions, rather than individual motivations. They will use role-plays to practice engaging people in dialogue, feedback, and testing for consensus and understanding.

The Point of Power is Always in the Present Moment
A very meaningful exploration focused on self awareness, mindfulness and connectedness with others.  Participants will get an opportunity to deepen their communication skills including embodying confidence, practicing deep listening and building rapport with participants through body language and appreciative conversations.

Whole Systems Facilitation Approaches
Develop skills for keeping participants focused and engaged whilst tapping into the collective ideas, knowledge, solutions and creativity. Learn Graphic Facilitation, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe and more.

Managing Diversity and Conflict
People can sabotage a group process by interrupting, being negative, physically or mentally leaving, or dominating the conversation. They could also unconsciously sabotage the process if they feel that they’re not being included or heard.  Conflict can easily arise when there are differing motivations and perceptions.  These behaviours and situations makes the facilitator’s job a challenge at best. Learning how to manage participants who don’t want to be there, who are dominating the discussion, or who are being difficult, is an essential skill of top facilitators. This section explores handling difficult people and challenging situations in a workshop.

People Who Can, Do: Preparation and Practice
Design and facilitate your whole systems process to integrate the knowledge and skills.

The Science of Whole Systems Facilitation
Fascinating insights into the group-mind and ideas for harnessing this asset through whole systems facilitation.

Facilitator Renewal
Facilitator self-care is critical to a group process being effective, and indeed we have a responsibility to be energised, centred and available to a group.

 Next workshop:

DATE:     21st and 22nd March 2014
VENUE:  Johannesburg North
TIME:      08:30 to 16:30
INVESTMENT: R 4 995.00 excluding VAT

Who should attend?  Leaders, Managers, Consultants, Facilitators, Trainers, Business Analysts, Meeting Hosts, Project Managers  – anyone who works and regularly meets with groups to achieve objectives.

This course was extremely insightful, I enjoyed every minute of it – really sad to see it end.  Highlights were the theory, the techniques and practicing the tools and techniques.  This was definitely a defining moment for me”.

“Vasintha is an excellent facilitator.  She’s intuitive, organised and brimming with information. She connected with everyone in the group and made the experience valuable for everyone”

“It was amazing.  Made me understand change within our company and enabled me to see potential within myself.  The facilitator made us so at ease with each other as a group and made the learning process easy and fun”

“Brilliant.  So much to learn”

“Excellent.  Incorporated all the characteristics needed from all participants – facilitator and group” – Accountant

“Fun, learned alot, obtained facilitation skills.  Gained alot of confidence!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, well done and thank you!”

“Great new concepts learned and practiced.  This is my 3rd ‘training’ session with Vasintha and I seem to continuously learn and stretch in her workshops”

“The highlight for me was watching the group start to work together as the day progressed.  I think this training is going to prove extremely valuable for [our company]”



An interactive, fun and deeply growth-oriented workshop on using imagery in recording information and stimulating group engagement, creativity and results.  This workshop harnesses the principles of group facilitation, accelerated learning and whole-brain thinking to develop a skill-set that is not only immensely fun but that produces profound results for the facilitator, individual participants and the group as a whole.

This workshop requires participants to have some competence in facilitating group processes.

Duration:  One day

Workshop Content:    Content is focused on enhancing existing facilitation skills and learning how to create and use imagery to enrich group engagement, participation, creativity and results.

“The Facilitator was totally outstanding in this field.  She knows what she’s talking about and has great perception and knowledge in this field.  Thank you for your valuable input”

“Awesome, very unique and entertaining.  Enjoyed it and learnt a lot.  Nice pace and very interesting. [The facilitator was] very passionate about the subject, well read and shared a lot of interesting facts.  Kept the training fun and relevant.”

“I found it very valuable to share with others who are involved in visualisation….. There was a strong sharing mode which said to each participant..all the knowledge and experience that I/we have (i.e. the Facilitator and class) I put on the table. ‘It’s here for you’! It was REAL education, in the sense of ‘edu-care’

Facilitator: Supportive and hands-on. I felt we were being schooled by someone who had the knowledge and the experience. Almost certainly the best in the country.

Value Gained: Confidence. Very useful techniques, shortcuts. Everything was practical and useful.”

“The content: Brilliant.  Love the book we got with to practice from.  All the material we received on the day was of high quality and well presented.

The facilitator: Accommodating and involved.  Shared own experience and looked at every person’s individual needs.

The value: I never believed I am ‘artistic’ and could draw.  This was made easy and every person’s own ability came through.

  I have used the graphic facilitation to present the Learning offerings to a group of Business Analysts.  It was an innovative fun way to make the message stick.   This is a very good tool to use in everything we do.

Very interesting, lots of concepts and ideas that can be practically applied





An out-of-the-box interactive and enriching workshop designed to build communication skills through strengthening personal power.  Deeply improvement-provoking and filled with self and group introspection practices that enable lasting positive change.  The content aims at strengthening foundational qualities so that regardless of the type of  communication, the individual is equipped to communicate in an integrated, empowered, emotionally and socially intelligent way.

“It was different and enriching, and challenged my being”

“The  content was amazing and very enriching.  One can never stop learning especially if it makes one better on all levels.”

“Helpful for one to identify ways of communicating with yourself and others.   It also helped in identifying one’s weaknesses and how to turn those weaknesses into strengths”

“The workshop was brilliant as far as empowering us is concerned”

“Very interesting and different, made you think and challenge yourself and others.  Made you see that everything is connected and it all plays a part in effective communication”

“I would like to say how grateful I am and appreciative I am to work for a company who invests in this kind of training for all its employees.  Truly thankful”

“Thank you for presenting the information in an interesting way that made us all feel comfortable.  I think that this will serve as an opportunity for me to evaluate the way I communicate and to focus on what is really important”

“The training has changed the way I see myself and the manner in which I perceive people”

“The content was very insightful and extremely informative”

“Inspiring, educational, well-worded and consistent to the topic”

“Very forward thinking of IZAZI to offer such an out-of-the-box training session to traditionally IT mindset individuals.  I think it’s great and definitely challenged majority of the group”


Once a month, as a public course or tailored specifically for our Clients, we host a one-day master class focusing on different aspects of  group/team effectiveness.  Topics include and are not limited to:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Managing Change
  • Resolving conflict in groups
  • Strengthening Team Collaboration
  • Stimulating Group Creativity and Engagement
  • Graphic Facilitation Skills
  • Ice-breakers and Energisers
  • Making Meetings Magical

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