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July 22, 2010

Graphic Recording

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Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is the process capturing people’s ideas and key conversation elements in words, images and colour, as they are being expressed, real-time.  On flipcharts and/or large sheets of paper on a wall or board, the graphic recorder captures key phrases, symbols, words and images that reflect the conversation content and intent.

It is an emergent process:  The graphic record develops as the conversation emerges and develops.  It fosters participation, connection and interest as participants engage with the evolving illustration of their contributions.

Graphic recording is a very powerful tool for group conversations.  Its advantages include:

  • It stimulates different parts of the brain in processing information and therefore benefits cognition
  • Participants are able to see the whole of their conversation as well as its component parts as the graphic record unfolds, thus stimulating big-picture thinking
  • The large displays of insights, themes and agreements all woven together into an integrated picture enables people to make connections, experience insights and construct new meaning
  • The collective intelligence and intent of the group becomes visible and strengthen as the graphic develops
  • Group memory is strengthened
  • The group feels validated as they see their contributions being captured



Clients use Graphic Recording to:

  • Graphically capture insights, themes and agreements from meetings, workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Develop and graphically depict company and departmental Vision and Purpose statements;
  • Visually describe company strategies and plans
  • Graphically depict business structures, processes and improvements
  • Stimulate idea generation, creativity and collaboration in conversations
  • Deepen understanding of and connection to information
  • Strengthen involvement and participation in workshops and meetings
  • Deepen and expand knowledge across the company
  • Inject a little serious-play into conversations



Images of Graphic Recording:

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6 The Leader as Coach

10 The Leader as Coach

2 Coaching with the brain in mind

LandDCOP 1502013

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