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September 8, 2010

Team Coaching

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Team Effectiveness Coaching

Coaching is meant to help individuals or groups strive for and reach particular goals, or develop particular competencies. Group Coaching combines the power of the coaching conversation with the gift of group support and knowledge, and the direction of project, unit or organisational intent.   The powerful outcome of Group Coaching is that results are achieved at individual, collective and organisational levels.
Our professional facilitation capability and extensive delivery management experience gives us an edge in the Group Coaching field;  In addition to being coaching professionals, we understand what delivery requires and are experts in working with teams to harness their collective energy and intelligence.
Individuals and the team as a whole gain meaningful insights, develop individual and group competence and capability, increase intra and inter-personal relationships, improve performance and enrich wellbeing.

We commence the process by engaging stakeholders to align and agree the content of the coaching programme.  Once the coaching programme is agreed, inter-arise designs the programme and facilitates coaching sessions with your team/s according to an agreed frequency and coaching period.  The frequency and duration of the process are important and relate to ensuring that the group receives sufficient support as they embark on the change process, that individuals and the team are given adequate time to develop and integrate learning, and that measurement and evaluation of improved effectiveness can be conducted over a meaningful period.

  • Sessions  are highly interactive, professionally facilitated and delivered in a coaching style in order to optimise engagement and learning.
  • Programme content is customisable to ensure alignment with organisation/team objectives.
  • Each subject area will result in a set of shared team actions that members will create and agree to as part of the process.
  • Teams are assessed in the relevant content areas through various processes.

W.I.L.D. Wisdom©

W.I.L.D. Wisdom© (Women In Leadership Development) is a group Learning, Coaching and Mentoring programme for women using Stories and Archetypes to strengthen Feminine Leadership.  The programme has a 3-fold intention:

  • To recognize the many aspects and forms of the Feminine Archetypes not commonly acknowledged by the mainstream.
  • To reclaim aspects of the authentic Feminine, and develop a strong Feminine style of leadership combined with a unique Emotional and Spiritual intelligence.
  • To integrate and embody this expanded range of awareness and skills into a powerful, authentic Feminine style of leadership and way of being.

This powerful, effective and meaningful programme integrates three essential approaches to people strengthening and development:

  • Coaching which is developmental and supportive in nature;
  • Group Facilitation, which is collaborative and collective in its focus; and
  • Mentoring, which allows for wisdom to be shared, modeled and embodied.

Tools and processes:

Feminine Archetypes: The Archetypes are based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and their further development by women pyscho-analysts.  The aim of this work is to enable each participating woman to expand her Leadership impact by integrating the many facets of her Feminine strength.
Teaching-Stories:  Stories are “state-of-the-heart” technology.  They can quickly and deeply inspire us to take positive action.  The aim of working with stories is to connect participating women around shared learnings, experiences and especially the developmental journey toward Self-hood.
Storylines from films and fairy tales are also used to demonstrate different archetypes and their modern dilemmas.
Whole person approaches and techniques are used in a participatory, engaging and experiential way in order to maximise integration of the learnings and insights.
A NeuroSomatics™ diagnostic tool, based on cutting edge research in the field of Pyscho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI) is used to assess the current wellbeing of participants  in relation to potential performance.  This guides our programme choices so that the potential for positive shift is maximised.
W.I.L.D. Wisdom© is a collaboration between Vasintha Pather and Dr Suzan Hojdar.

Personal Success and Transformation Coaching

The results we experience in our lives are primarily a consequence of our behavior which is driven by our conditioning.  Negative or limiting conditioning, including fear, limiting beliefs and past negative emotions,  interferes with our potential and our ability to be and achieve our very best.  The goals of our Personal Success Coaching processes are to strengthen empower the person being coached through establishing firmer connections with his or her inner authority and resources, and providing the tools necessary to effect lasting and meaningful change.

In order to perform optimally as human beings, we need to be in a state of coherence.  Coherence involves being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually aligned, integrated and in balance. When we are in a state of coherence, as opposed to dissonance, we operate from a state of strengthened physiology, emotion, mental resourcefulness and heightened awareness……the kind of state we need to be in to create meaningful and successful living.

Our Personal Success Coaching includes Life Coaching, NLP Coaching, Time Paradigm and Stress Biofeedback techniques, and psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) assessments,  in processes that are designed to rapidly effect positive change.  This is achieved through  sharpening and integrating already acquired personal skills, and developing new skills and awareness that increase choices and improve resourcefulness.

We are dedicated to living in a world where people thrive, and our approaches are therefore aimed creating contexts that help to strengthen people.

Personal Success Coaching offerings:

1) the Personal Breakthrough session

2) Success Coaching sessions focusing on specific areas of personal need and renewal

Before any commitment is made by either party, we provide a free, no-obligation introductory session during which we:

  • Explore your needs and goals, and together establish the appropriate coaching session/s for you;
  • Explain the steps in the coaching process so you know what to expect;
  • Discuss expectations and responsibilities required for a success;
  • Answer any questions you may have about the Personal Breakthrough process and Success Coaching sessions;
  • Agree pricing and payment.


“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”

Mark Victor Hansen

The Personal Breakthrough session is an 8 to 12 hour process facilitated over 2 to 3 days.  It reaps astonishing results almost immediately and is for the person who wants to own their change now, make it happen and catapult themselves into a more fulfilling life .   There are four steps in the process:

1.The education of self: How our mind-body system works and why we see the world the way we do.

2. Dealing with the past: Identifying and deleting past negative emotions  (anger, hurt, fear etc) and limiting beliefs.

3. Structuring the now: Realigning  your inner world to support your dreams and goals now.

4. Creating the future: Designing, setting and integrating goals that will drive your creation of a meaningful and compelling future.


The Life Coaching sessions are individual sessions of 1-2 hours each.  Here we focus on specific areas of your life that you would like to create positive change in.  They include and are not limited to:

  • Designing and implementing a Personal Success Strategy;
  • Creating coherence:  Exploring and enriching your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual alignment, integration and balance;
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and developing strategies for changing them to affirming, supporting beliefs;
  • Improving goal-setting and implementation, including measurement, evaluation and accountability;
  • Stimulating renewal through stress biofeedback and developing strategies for stress management and personal renewal;

The Life Coaching sessions are for people who want to focus on, delve into and create change or renewal in specific areas of their lives.  We spend some time on your desired results, link these to change tools and techniques, apply the learnings to effect your desired outcomes and finally agree a plan to commit the positive change into your life.

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