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July 5, 2012

Conscious Collaboration: Harnessing the Power of the Collective

… Collective intelligence allows companies to gain efficiency…. It enables companies to build on experience and avoid reinventing processes and procedures. Collective Intelligence creates the ability to adapt and apply innovations across new markets and opportunities. And it facilitates the discovery of new avenues of improvement…” IBM Global Chief HR Officer Study, 2010

A growing body of research suggests that individual minds connected in shared purpose do indeed generate a collective force that is vastly more powerful than any one individual or group of individuals. Group intention, as evidenced through the research, influences societal experiences such as crime, influences the nervous systems of people connected with each other, and accelerates learning within a group. The research results are profound; the implications for organisations, staggering.

“Our personal psychology is just a thin skin, a ripple on the ocean of collective psychology. The powerful factor, the factor which changes our whole life, which changes the surface of our known world, which makes history, is collective psychology, which moves according to laws entirely different from those of our [individual] consciousness.”

Carl Jung

The Conscious Collaboration workshop is designed to be a profound conversation beyond the nuts and bolts of how to run meetings, workshops and conversations effectively. It is about awakening to higher levels of awareness, connectedness, engagement and leadership.

Why would you participate?

  • What would it be like to work in a team that has a shared purpose and believes in a common vision and goals?
  • How would it feel to work in a company where knowledge is easily shared, and where people’s strengths are encouraged and appreciated?
  • How would it feel to connect with people deeply and authentically, and to help teams to tap into their collective capacity for achievement?
  • What kind of results would I, my team and my company be experiencing in a culture that supports the above?

We encourage leaders, managers, OD practitioners, facilitators, trainers, coaches, community builders, educators, and others interested in expanding their impact and ability to make a difference, to participate.

Harnessing the power of collective intention and action to achieve meaningful results, is one of the most important activities to integrate if we want to flourish as individuals, organisations and communities.

What will you receive?

  • Understand what social science is revealing about the collective mind in causing, influencing and accelerating change;
  • Understand the neurology and chemistry of social connection;
  • Deeper awareness of how to shape team and company cultures that support collaboration, resourcefulness and shared success;
  • Techniques for accelerating cohesiveness and results in conversations, meetings and workshops;
  • Insights for strengthening team connection and commitment to organisational vision and goals;
  • Techniques for deepening awareness and connection with self and others

e-mail to enquire

 Format:  Two-day workshop OR 6 x 2hr coaching sessions over 6 weeks

Please also enquire about our mini experience: A 2.5 hour team workshop to integrate key principles

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October 14, 2010

Daniel Pink: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

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September 9, 2010

The Fascination of Groups

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team star

Group work is truly fascinating.  The group mind principle states that multiple minds focused on the same theme create a mutual force that is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than an individual or a group of individuals.  A huge amount of “new age” information is now available on the power that the individual has to influence his/her reality.  What we are not spending sufficient time focusing on right now is the power of the collective.  Since thought is energy let’s consider group-thought for a moment in relation to just two physics principles:

a) Energy is gravitational therefore it is accumulative;

b) Energy is magnetic therefore it is attractive.

Working with a group of people, and specifically facilitating a workshop with them around a shared objective or theme presents mind-wonderful-blowing suggestions.  The focused thought of each individual in the group contributes to a group force.  The extent to which individuals – and the group – are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually engaged with the objective of the process will determine the quality of the energetic force they are producing and therefore the quality of the group force.

The stronger and more coherent the group force, the greater the magnetic and gravitational qualities…….the greater the combining of forces to create the intended outcomes !

Vasintha Pather, May 2010

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