Enabling Effectiveness: Facilitating Collaboration and Capability

July 1, 2010


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Who We Are

Organisations need effective individuals and teams to generate fresh ideas, find solutions to problems, create new products or services and to achieve efficiencies.

Individuals need to feel capable and meaningful to be effective.

inter-arise: results arise out of the inter-action of participating people and systems…


inter-arise is committed to strengthening team and organisational effectiveness.  We specialise in facilitating group processes that build collaboration, expand capability and deepen effectiveness.

inter-arise was founded in 2006 on over 15 years of international experience in project and programme management, change management and group facilitation. Our direct experience in managing large-scale change and implementation projects, coupled with our extensive experience in coaching and group facilitation means we appreciate first-hand what is required for individuals and teams to be effective.

Our facilitator-coaches have professional accreditation with:

  • International Association of Facilitators™
  • Global Facilitation Network™
  • LIFE AND NLP Coaching and Stress Bio-Feedback Practitioners, recognised by COMENSA, Federation of NLPC Professionals and Stress Medicine Research in Practice
  • Truth About Trust (in teams and business)
  • PNI (psycho-neuro-immunology) performance and wellbeing diagnostic tool

Our processes are creative, powerful and engaging because we know what we are doing and we love doing it!

What We Do


We design and facilitate a range of workshops to guide groups through achieving specific outcomes, depending on our Clients’ needs.

Our workshops create the environment for groups to generate, analyse and evaluate ideas, and to develop strategies for implementing them in ways that are collaborative and that serve the individual, the team and the organisation.

Workshops depends on our clients requirements and could include strategic envisioning and planning, solutions design, performance improvement, team effectiveness design, project definition, planning and reviews, team performance-play….and much more.

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts












inter-arise coaches teams in strengthening their effectiveness as a collective.  We focus on enhancing communication, shared objectives and responsibility, expanding knowledge and skills, collaboration and wellbeing.

We are committed to using strength-based, whole-system and whole-person approaches in order to accelerate learning, deepen engagement and strengthen capability across the team.

Our approach combines the collaborative power of group facilitation with the developmental conversation of coaching to effectively and supportively coach teams in achieving goals, deepening effectiveness and navigating through change.  Coaching areas could include:

  • Strengthening team communication and collaboration
  • Strengthening team power (based on Emotional Intelligence model)
  • Moving from conflict through to appreciation
  • Strengthening team trust
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Goal envisioning and planning
  • Team time-out: purposeful fun sessions to strengthen team togetherness
  • Unleashing innovation and creativity
  • Transitioning through change
  • Strengthening stakeholder relationship management
  • Resolving conflict


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inter-arise specialises in developing skills and capability in knowledge and processes that enhance group effectiveness.  We offer the following workshops:

Conscious Collaboration

A profound conversation in strengthening collaboration in teams and organisations. Beyond the nuts and bolts of how to run meetings, workshops and conversations effectively. It is about awakening to higher levels of awareness, connectedness, engagement and leadership.

Duration:  2  consecutive days.

The Art and Practice of Group Facilitation

An in-depth course in Group Facilitation focusing on developing and integrating the Skills, Competencies and Techniques of effective Group Facilitation.

Information Visualisation and Graphic Facilitation Skills

An interactive, fun and deeply developmental course on using imagery to record information, stimulate group engagement, and improve cognition, creativity and results.  This course harnesses the principles of group facilitation, accelerated learning and whole-brain thinking to develop a skill-set that is not only immensely fun but that produces profound results.

Duration:  1 day

CollabCafe Master Classes

Once a month, as a public course or tailored specifically for our Clients, we host a half-day master class focused on deepening skills in various aspects of strengthening personal and group effectiveness.

Click here for more about our Skills and Capability Development offerings


Our Approach

Two principles underpin our approach to designing and facilitating group processes:

Whole-Person Engagement

Our methods include processes that integrate right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition with left-brain logic, analysis, and planning.

We apply integrated methods in designing workshop processes, creating experiences that are whole-brained, multi-sensory and physically active including Graphic Facilitation, Play and Creativity.   This optimises participation and accelerates solution creation, innovation and learning.

Meaning-Centred, Strength-Based

For true engagement, there is a critical dimension: emotional connection to the process and its purpose. Our style focuses on individual and group meaning, accountability and strengths as we guide the whole group toward achieving objectives.
Our marrying of whole-systems and whole-person approaches is extremely powerful in fully engaging participants in the process of creating solutions, delivering outcomes and developing capability. In our experience, when a group of people are fully engaged, when individual members feel validated, and when the group is focused on and guided toward a specific goal, magic can happen in a very short time. 


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