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August 30, 2010

Graphic Facilitation

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Research shows that around 60% of people in the developed world are dominant in left hemisphere style thinking. Thinking with the left side of your brain is excellent for fact gathering and analysing and for precision and analysis, it’s also great for organising information and situations, keeping records and developing plans. In short, our left brain loves order and details.

The trouble with zooming in on the details is that you can miss out on the bigger picture. That’s the realm of your right brain and it facilitates wonderful abilities such as flexibility of thinking, intuitive problem solving, creative planning, considering values, spotting new possibilities and interacting sensitively and positively with others.

Graphic Facilitation is a style of group facilitation that uses visuals as a sophisticated thinking tool to help groups brainstorm, explore ideas, analyse detail, deepen dialogue, clarify, reach consensus, and take ownership of their contributions and agreed actions.

At a deeper level, graphic facilitation uses imagery and metaphor as a way of drawing out and portraying group thinking, helping groups literally “see what they mean”.  The creative use of imagery combined with structured models of communication appeals to the intuitive, intellectual and emotional aspects of people.  This approach stimulates whole-brain engagement which is very necessary for optimal learning, creativity and participation.

inter-arise provides a fun, interesting and deeply insightful Graphic Facilitation skills masterclass at which we facilitate learning in how to develop and use graphics in training sessions, meetings, workshops and discussions.

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